Refresh your spirit

Our mission at Chazen is to bring the experience of the Tea Ceremony to people the world over.    Today, anyone who visits Tokyo can enjoy this 400 year-old tradition at our tea room in the Ginza, next to the famous Kabuki Theater.   No preparation required; only an open heart and a curious mind!

About Rie Takeda, Founder of Chazen

Rie Takeda has dedicated her life to the study and teaching of the Tea Ceremony, and her vision is to share this experience with people around the world.   Along with the Tea Ceremony, Rie is a teacher of Ikenobo  flowering arranging  (one of the oldest schools of Ikebana), and Kodo (the Way of Incense), both of which share traditions and philosophy in common with the Way of Tea.   Focusing her attention on the essence of these traditions, while freeing herself from the constraints of any particular form, Rie Takeda has created the Chazen experience for the spiritual benefit and enjoyment of people everywhere.